Exhibitions and projects regarding "SHARING & CARING"

LOW BUDGET, 1997, Kunsthalle zu Kiel, Germany, curated by Dr Hans-Werner Schmidt, Leipzig, Germany

LOW BUDGET, 1998, Konsthallen Göteborg, Sweden , curated by Svenrobert Lundquist, Sweden

RESTAURANT MES AMIS, different countries in Europe, USA and Japan, 1982-2010

planned for Tokyo/Japan and Brussel/Belgium
smiling and crying faces on Japanese coins attached to the wall.
Interactive Project with collecting,drawing smiling and crying faces on the coins, attaching coins to the wall and  joint dinner and lectures. At the end people take the money off the wall and can take it home.

Some images for "SHARING & CARING" Tokyo 2008

Meeting with Michael Clemons proposing  my  project "SHARING & CARING" in Toyko 2008.