SHARING AND CARING is based on my artwork: LOW BUDGET. LOW BUDGET is a serie of artwork which I started in 1997.

The Story

In 1986 in NYC as I was a young DAAD scholar. Like many young artists I was struggling to make end meet. One day short before my rent was due, I found a few coins in my pocket. it was only money I had left at that time. I asked myself -  should I cry or should I smile? I managed to pay the rent by painting apartment and offices. In 1997 I was invited to do a solo exhibition at Kunsthalle Kiel in North of Germany. The museum had quite low budget and I had over 1,000 square meter to fill with my works. It brought back the memory of 1986 when I was trying to find way to pay my bills in 2 weeks. I dedicated a big exhibition room for a new work called LOW BUDGET- an installation with coins and painted smiley and crying faces on them. All the four walls were cover with 35,000 coins in equal amount of 3,000 German Marks. LOW BUDGET was again realized at Konsthallen Goteborg in 1998 with Swedish coins.

During my time living in Tokyo in 2008 I developed a concept SHARING & CARING to raise the awareness of global social issues – HUNGER, POVERTY, EDUCATION and ABANDON- combining art, society and public together. Living in a rich city such Tokyo made me aware of the reality and social issues specially big social gap between those who have and those who don't have. My idea is to use art and visual element to make these social gap smaller by sharing and caring. The main purpose of SHARING AND CARING concept is to be able to adapt to different social and cultures environment 

Main body of activities of SHARING AND CARING are to create artworks and installations based on  LOW BUDGET using the coins. The artworks are to be created together with people who in need, volunteers and I. Doing thing together brings motivation and communication. For some people these can mean so much. The works will be giving back to the society by letting the needy people letting them take the coins home.
Most important message of SHARING AND CARING is first to share then to care.

2015 Jårg and Prangtip Geismar

Exhibitions and projects regarding "SHARING & CARING"

LOW BUDGET, 1997, Kunsthalle zu Kiel, Germany, curated by Dr Hans-Werner Schmidt, Leipzig, Germany

LOW BUDGET, 1998, Konsthallen Göteborg, Sweden , curated by Svenrobert Lundquist, Sweden

RESTAURANT MES AMIS, different countries in Europe, USA and Japan, 1982-2010

planned for Tokyo/Japan and Brussel/Belgium
smiling and crying faces on Japanese coins attached to the wall.
Interactive Project with collecting,drawing smiling and crying faces on the coins, attaching coins to the wall and  joint dinner and lectures. At the end people take the money off the wall and can take it home.

Some images for "SHARING & CARING" Tokyo 2008

Meeting with Michael Clemons proposing  my  project "SHARING & CARING" in Toyko 2008.

LOW BUDGET 1998 Kunsthallen Göteborg, Sweden

LOW BUDGET 1998 with Swedish coins and smiling and crying faces attached to the walls and floor

LOW BUDGET 1997 Kunsthalle zu Kiel

"LOW BUDGET" (here Detail)
40.000 coins (German) with smiling and crying faces attached to all walls.

Different Views